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Red-tailed Hawk by Brian Bennett

Deer Pond Farm covers 835 acres of rugged hardwood forest, meadows, and wetlands straddling the state border of Connecticut and New York. Situated between elevations of 900 and 1200 feet, there are many vistas to enjoy along the trails. About 620 of its 835 acres are upland forest; 125 acres are forested wetlands, and 59 acres are meadow. Deer Pond Farm includes a network of 20 miles of trails. The sanctuary is open year-round, seven days a week, from dawn to dusk. All trails are accessible from the visitor parking lot at 57 Wakeman Hill Road, Sherman, CT.

About 100 species of birds have been reported on or near the property during breeding season, including forest birds such as Broad-winged Hawk and Scarlet Tanager, marsh birds such as Virginia Rail, and early successional specialists such as American Woodcock, Eastern Towhee, and Chestnut-sided Warbler. There are two eBird hotspot locations: Deer Pond Farm (CT Audubon) and Deer Pond Farm, CT Audubon (Dutchess Co.). Thank you for reporting your bird observations.

Mammals include bobcat, coyote, several bat species, fisher and long-tailed weasel, beaver, black bear and, of course, deer.

Numerous amphibian species breed in its 11 vernal pools, including Wood Frog, Spring Peepers, and Spotted Salamanders. To date, two turtle and four snake species have been confirmed.



Deer Pond Farm Staff:

Cathy Hagadorn, Director (
Jim Arrigoni, Conservation Biologist (
Stefan Martin, Habitat Steward (
Deirdra Wallin, Program Coordinator (





Deer Pond Farm Bird Checklist – click here.

Deer Pond Farm Eastern Trail , Sherman, CT Map – click here.

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Deer Pond Farm Western Trail , Pawling, NY Map – click here.

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Deer Pond Farm Sanctuary Rules – click here.

Please note: dogs, horses, fishing, swimming, camping, fires, hunting and collecting are not permitted.

And, thank you for staying on trail.

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