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July 30, 2019 – The babies are starting to fledge. See the comments for more details!

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Click here to see brief videos of the first two eggs hatching.

Each year we provide live streaming of the Ospreys that nest in the marsh at the Milford Point Coastal Center.

The female lays eggs 1-3 days apart. The first egg was at least two weeks later than usual this year — about May 10th. By May 18th, there were three.

Incubation begins with the first egg and takes 36-40 days; the eggs hatch asynchronously, each hatching in the order laid. This gives a distinct advantage to the older chicks in years with meager food supplies. If the weather is bad, all may not hatch. Generally, two or three babies fledge annually.

Ospreys were driven to the edge of extinction in the 1960s and early 1970s because of the widespread use of the pesticide DDT. They were listed as endangered and protected by the Endangered Species Act. After DDT was banned, the Osprey population began to thrive.

132 Responses to “Osprey Nation – Osprey Cam”

  1. Paul says:

    Chicks have been feeding themselves off the fish the parents bring to the nest. Chicks will be one month old in 2 days.

  2. Mia says:

    Male brought fish at 7:50. All 3 babies eating, though little one getting less.

  3. Pam Landry says:

    July 2 2pm

    Both mom and dad on the nest and there’s a lot of talking going on!

  4. Cindy says:

    Wow I can’t believe how big the little peepers have gotten! I missed a few days and am so happy to see all 3 there

  5. Mia says:

    Male brought large 1/2 fish at 8:10 pm. Largest baby ate first, but female made sure all 3 got fed.

  6. Brenda says:

    Tuned in at 6:45pm to see mom feeding two of the chicks. Third one was staying back. May have been fed already or just missed out on this feeding. Getting big so fast.

  7. Mike W says:

    They’re getting so big! I think all 3 chicks are going to make it. This is a strong family this year. Refreshing! 💪

  8. Sherri Delaney says:

    6/28 5:55 AM Male brought fish — all ate well.

  9. Sherri Delaney says:

    6/27 5:00 AM Male brought fish – all three fed well

  10. Sherri Delaney says:

    6/26 fish delivered 6:01 AM – one of the best feedings I have seen so far. All three very well fed, especially #3. His crop was so full it was a wonder he didn’t topple over! Good to see him attempt to be a little more aggressive for a spot.
    ….. and yes, this is ‘nature’ and we shouldn’t get attached. That being said, it is all part of being compassionate people with concern and I see no harm in that as long as people do not become irrational when something goes wrong. Reporting what is going on is part of monitoring and study and for that I am very grateful to CT Audubon for providing this camera.

  11. Amy says:

    6/25 – 7pm – mom just finished feeding her chicks. Funny watching her trying to fit her growing babies under her belly trying to maneuver every which way to get them to fit.

  12. Carol says:

    Excellent commentary on June 24th by Ted S.

  13. Brenda says:

    7:00 am and male brought in breakfast. That firstborn is a voracious eater! Even the second born is much larger than the third. He was fed last and not nearly as much as the other two. Hope he makes it. It would be incredible to see all three grow to maturity.

  14. Pam Landry says:

    June 24 12:30pm

    lunchtime! all 3 babies being fed!

  15. Ted S. says:

    Folks…DO NOT get emotionally attached to these critters. They are wild animals who will never have any human attributes when it comes to rearing their young.

    “Only the strong survive” is far more than a catchy tune. It is how nature works…and it’s called “Evolution”.

    It can be cruel…very cruel in human terms. If one animal gets more to eat than another…and then perishes…so be it. Also keep in mind that if this web cam weren’t available…nothing would change in the nest. No one here would know that one bird might starve to death because of a lack of food…or see the older and stronger nest mate(s) “attacking” another weaker one. Only one nestling survived last year.

    There is a 100% probability that this very thing happens in every bird’s nest on the planet. And of course it isn’t confined to only birds.

    So if what you witness upsets you…then you should probably stop viewing. Nothing is going to change. Ever.

  16. Sherri Delaney says:

    6/24 5:48 AM Male brought fish….. feeding went on for over half hour and all three were fed well

  17. Mia says:

    Male arrived with large tail of fish at 4:10pm. The larger baby immediately attacked the other 2 until they were cowering, heads down and curled up. He was fed first, but the next big one got in on it, then finally once the older one had his fill the little one got fed. The female made sure they each got their fill. And at 4:30 she’s finishing off the meal. Keeps offering more to the little one, but he doesn’t open his mouth. Now it’s nap time, while the female moves sticks around.

  18. Kimberly says:

    So glad my husband and I found this. Amazing! Can’t stop watching.

  19. Fran says:

    Thank you, George, for letting us know that the smallest chick was getting well fed. It was heart-warming to find out.

  20. kumu says:

    8.34 PM onw chick is not raising its head and is not being fed…2 chicks are feeding wee.

  21. George Amato says:

    June 22, 6:06 AM
    Male returned with a small flounder type fish. He briefly flew off with it (presumably to his perch) then returned with it and handed it off to the female. She is now feeding the chicks and the youngest chick is well positioned and getting its share.

  22. fran says:

    Dad brought fresh catch tonight just before 8pm. He moved some sticks around while mom fed the babies. Unfortunately, the smallest one was not being fed at that time. He struggled to move his way in front and just kept begging for food. Mom kept feeding the others. The other two ate quite well. Then the mom moved in front of the camera and it looked like she was eating and then dad came in to finish it off. I am not sure at that point if the smallest one got any.

  23. Sherri Delaney says:

    6/21 6:43 AM male brought in fish.
    6/21 8:00 PM female feeding chicks. Don’t know who brought fish in but male was also on nest.
    Was gone most of day so do not know about other fish deliveries.
    All seem to be doing very well though terrible infestation of flies/bugs – likely drawn in by fish pieces or buggy seaweed.

  24. Pam Landry says:

    June 21 7:53pm

    Just tuned in to see both mom and dad on the nest … babies being fed

  25. Michael W says:

    I’m really loving tonight’s fish feast with Mom, Dad, and the three youngsters! This is a great Osprey Family this year

  26. Carol says:

    No fish brought in between 12 noon and 2PM today.

    Not uncommon for English Sparrows to unitize the lower portion of Osprey nests for their homes.

  27. Mia says:

    7:30 pm Having a hard time getting settled for the night. Finally got all 3 chicks settled in place under her with their tushies sticking out, but she’s bothered by an infestation of little tiny bugs. She keeps shaking her head to get them off. Earlier when her back was to the camera was easier see the bugs crawling around her back. Now I can see them flying around her face. Must have brought home some buggy seaweed.

  28. Pam Landry says:

    June 20 3:50pm

    After a very lengthy preening session (mom preened herself while the 3 babies watched and imitated) mom is attempting to nap

  29. Sherri Delaney says:

    6/20, 6:22 AM Male brought fish. He certainly is stepping up as a provider. All three fed well. Still impressed with how female is so attentive this season, making sure as best she can to get all fed. #3 is quite clever getting food, even if he is tucked behind the others.
    A reminder of the hatch dates — 6/9, 6/11, 6/12

    George Amato, great observations – thank you. When on site, I have seen Harris’s hawks, peregrine falcon and eagle so there are dangers out there, especially when the chicks are so small.

  30. George Amato says:

    June 19, 2:30 PM.
    Fascinating to watch all of this. Enormously grateful to CT Audubon Society and the staff at Milford Point. Parents were away for an extended period of time (approximately 14 minutes from when I started to observe). Chicks were sleeping and keeping each other warm. There were three close fly by images of what looked like an adult Coopers hawk circling the nest. I could only barely see it in the outer area that the camera shows. It looked like it could be a possible predation event. So – I kept watching. Then the female returned. The chicks woke up – but appear hungry. The oldest was aggressive and very violent with its siblings. They basically cowered and put their heads down. Looked serious. Now the female has just carefully covered them all up. So amazing to watch in real time — even when sitting on the platform with binoculars.

  31. Paul says:

    I have been noticing a small bird beneath the nest on the right side. Is it possible there might be a small nest under the Osprey nest?

  32. Sherri Delaney says:

    6/19 Male brought fish at 7:10 AM then another one at 8:18 AM.

    Sometimes hard to tell if chicks are alone as adult could be on the areas of nest we can’t see. If you have volume up, you can sonetimes hear it chirping.

  33. Deb says:

    7:10 am Wed. Male arrived with fish. Female took fish and started feeding the family.

  34. Pam Landry says:

    June 19

    babies left alone and the largest of the three was being quite aggressive toward the other two, pecking at them especially the smallest as if it seriously wants to cause harm

  35. Pam Landry says:

    June 18

    Checking in at 5:25pm to see all 3 babies looking good and being fed!

  36. Sherri Delaney says:

    I don’t know about the rest of the day but male brought fish around 4:30 PM

  37. Sherri Delaney says:

    Yesterday 6/16 @ 6:12 AM Female brought in fish

    Today 6/17 @ 5:13 AM Male in with fish
    All three chicks looking great so far.

  38. Mia says:

    Tuned in at 1:30 pm to see the end of a feeding session. The tail end of a large fish. Then with everybody fed and sleepy she hunkered down to wait for rain.

  39. George Amato says:

    June 16, 7:50 AM. All three chicks are being well fed. She seems well skilled making sure all three are getting food, and the chicks are looking stronger each day.

  40. Sherri Delaney says:

    2:43 PM only got brief look but female was feeding chicks.
    6:13 PM opened cam to find female apparently at end of feeding. Nice fish!
    Do not know how fish came in (ie from male or female, but based on recent behavior, I’m guessing the
    male caught it.)

  41. Amy says:

    3rd little guy is stuck in a ball of seaweed – poor thing! Hope mom or dad can untangle him from it. 3:10pm – 6/15

  42. Joseph Szalay says:

    6/15/19, 9:20am- Mom feeding 3 chicks.

  43. Sherri Delaney says:

    Thanks to all posting fish deliveries and activity…….especially helpful to note the time of delivery as by the time comments get posted, not sure if talking about same fish etc.
    As to what I know of yesterday, there were multiple fish deliveries and chicks were doing well.

    This morning 6/15, feeding at 5:25 AM. When feeding finished, male took fish away but came back with it and more feeding 6:12. Believe same fish.
    Very impressed with female so far this year as it seems as though she has matured and taking excellent care of the wee ones. So far, so good!

  44. Cindy says:

    Mom or Dad brought a large branch and the 3 little peepers were squawking! Precious

  45. Brenda says:

    Food brought in at 6:10. Two of the three babies were fed. The other did not seem interested. Assuming it’s the newest nestling.

  46. Pam Landry says:

    June 13 5:35pm

    Papa brought back a fish and Mama is feeding the trio

  47. Pam Landry says:

    4:30 June 13

    All three babies hatched and visible! Looks like Mama is yelling for Papa to bring some food!

  48. Sherri Delaney says:

    6/13 1:35 PM Male brought a fish. Female has view blocked but movements indicate she is feeding them. She has taken excellent care of them this morning, making sure they are covered in the rain.

  49. Amy says:

    Three babies clearly visible when mom left nest @ 11:50am – 6/13

  50. Brenda says:

    🤦🏻‍♀️It’s the tide not the rain! So embarrassing. 😏Can’t wait to see all three littles.

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