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Join Our 2012 Annual Appeal!

Barbara and Ross Strickland

A letter from the Chairs of our 2012 Annual Appeal …

Dear CAS Supporter,

The Connecticut Audubon Society, committed to protecting birds and their habitats in our state, is a leading conservation organization that has meant so much to us over the years.  This year, to celebrate conservation and show our support of the work of Connecticut Audubon, we are joining forces to Co-Chair the 2012 Annual Appeal.

The CAS Annual Appeal is the single largest fundraising initiative that we as an organization undertake each year. It provides essential funding for our education and advocacy programs, and for sanctuary habitat management practices delivered through our regional conservation centers. Each year hundreds of supporters make a gift to the CAS Annual Appeal. Each gift makes it possible for Connecticut Audubon to carry out its conservation work.

Ralph Wood, left, and Steve Oresman. Photos Copyright Connecticut Audubon Society.

Conservation is the story of legacy, of generations enhancing and advancing the purpose and importance of the past. Connecticut Audubon is at the forefront in re-engaging youth with the vitality of the natural world. It is our members, staff and supporters who have pushed relentlessly to broaden this awareness of our youth and the larger public.

Among us we have served a combined 11 years as Chairs of the Board and will be providing leadership for the next three. We are passionate about the work of Connecticut Audubon.  The theme for the 2012 CAS Annual Appeal is nurturing the next generation of conservationists.

It is through our work with young people that this most important activity will continue. We hope you will join us in supporting the 2012 CAS Annual Appeal. It is the single greatest way for you to help us continue our successful conservation initiatives.

Thank you for your past support and we urge your continued support.


Ralph Wood                      Steve Oresman               Ross and Barbara Strickland

Chair of the Board      Past Chair of the Board      Past Chairs of the Board






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