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News Coverage of Connecticut State of the Birds 2013

One of our obvious goals for our annual Connecticut State of the Birds report is to have the document disseminated and read as widely as possible, which we hope will lead to changes in policies, laws and behaviors that will better protect the state’s birds and their habitats.

Bird Studies Canada featured the 2013 report, The Seventh Habitat and the Decline of Our Aerial Insectivores, in its e-newsletter to members last week (here’s a PDF). Jon D. McCracken, the organization’s director of national programs, is the author of the report’s lead article, “The Mysterious Decline of Aerial Insectivores.”

The report received news coverage from the Connecticut Post, Danbury News Times, Greenwich Time, Stamford Advocate, Waterbury Republican American, Norwalk Hour, Litchfield County Times, Torrington Register Citizen, Fairfield Minuteman, WCBS News Radio 880, News 12 Cablevision, Connecticut Environmental Headlines and the Daily Voice.

We also made sure copies of the report were delivered to the Legislative Office Building mailboxes of every member of the Connecticut General Assembly.

You can find links to some of the news coverage below.

CT Audubon Report Looks at the Decline of Insect-Catching Birds – The Norwalk Hour

Shocking Decline Seen in Birds that Eat Insects in Flight – Connecticut Post

The World in the Sky – Danbury News Times

Audubon Society: Many Conn. Bird Species Declining in Population – WCBS 880

Connecticut State of the Birds 2013 – Fairfield Minuteman

Connecticut Audubon Sees Drop in Insect-Catching Birds – The Daily Voice

Matt Pagliaro, one of our teacher-naturalists, recorded the Connecticut State of the Birds 2013 news conference.







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