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News Release: Connecticut State of the Birds 2013 – Long-term Population Decline is Decimating Aerial Insectivores

Tree Swallows nest in man-made boxes. Photo by Melissa Groo

Fairfield, Ct., Feb. 22, 2013 – Concerned with the dramatic decline of 17 species of birds that nest in Connecticut and eat only insects caught while flying, Connecticut Audubon Society today called for a multi-agency program of research and assessment along with immediate remedies such as cuts in pesticide use and the creation of man-made nesting sites.

The recommendations and action plan are contained in the Connecticut State of the Birds 2013 report, “The Seventh Habitat and the Decline of Our Aerial Insectivores.” Released annually since 2006 by Connecticut Audubon Society, Connecticut State of the Birds has become the leading research-based assessment of conservation conditions in the state.

Read the rest of the news release here… You will also find a link to the report, links to news coverage, and a video of the news conference.






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