Connecticut Audbon Society

Press Release – Fields Pond Foundation Funds Permanent Signs Throughout the H. Smith Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary

October 9, 2018 – The Connecticut Audubon Society will install permanent, educational trail signs throughout the H. Smith Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary in Westport, thanks to an $8,000 grant from Fields Pond Foundation of Waltham, Massachusetts.

The signs will be erected throughout one mile of planned trails in the sanctuary’s newly restored bird and wildlife habitats. 

They will be strategically placed along two perimeter trails and one winding trail that cuts through the property and intersects the new native planting areas. Foundation funds will cover the content development, design, fabrication, and installation of two wooden kiosks and 10 permanent signs.

Connecticut Audubon Society’s goal for the signs is to further enhance visitors’ knowledge about this unique coastal habitat, promote conservation action in and around the property, and to encourage long-term and responsible use of the preserve.

“Installing permanent trail signs will make the site more inviting and interesting for the public,” said Milan Bull, senior director of science and conservation. “We are grateful for Fields Pond Foundation’s contribution to this unique and critical habitat restoration initiative.”

Connecticut Audubon Society’s mission is to conserve Connecticut’s environment through science-based education and advocacy focused on the state’s bird populations and their habitats.

Fields Pond Foundation seeks to increase environmental awareness by involving local residents in conservation issues through trailmaking, land acquisition, and education programs related to land protection projects. For more information, visit







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