Connecticut Audbon Society


Green New Deal

February 8, 2019 – The Connecticut Audubon Society has written to the state’s five members of the House of Representatives and two Senators expressing conceptual support for the non-binding Green New Deal and urging Connecticut’s delegation to co-sponsor the recently-introduced Green New Deal Resolution.

The Green New Deal Resolution is an outline for a bold and aggressive plan to finally mobilize the United States into climate change action. Obviously the details, to be included in future legislation, are all-important but there will be time to debate them:

“Much progress has been made but we are all too well aware that the fate of the planet’s natural ecosystems and human communities depends on serious, sustained action to control, mitigate and adapt to climate change….

“The resolution calls for a ’10-year national mobilization’ to build resiliency and transition to 100% zero emission energy, support for clean manufacturing, cooperation with farmers to eliminate greenhouse gases from agriculture, transportation improvements, among other items.

“We recognize that the details will be contained in individual legislation still to be proposed and debated. We are confident that there will be an appropriate time for that. But there is no longer ample time to start working on the Green New Deal. By co-sponsoring the Resolution, you will be playing a significant role in making that happen.”

Senators Blumenthal and Murphy, and Representatives Courtney, Larson, Hayes, and DelLauro are all now co-sponsors.

The Green New Deal is aggressive and bold. We support it because we believe the most unacceptable course right now is to do nothing.






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