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2019 Birdathon Leaders

Bird walk at Deer Pond Farm on Saturday morning, sore necks on Sunday morning. #migrationmadness

Here are the final totals of the 2019 Birdathon. 

Connecticut Audubon staff are marked with an asterisk. They’re not eligible for prizes, so don’t be discouraged by their high totals!

** denotes 18 and under category.

Kathleen Van Der Aue’s total is from the Birdcraft banding team.

Updated Monday, June 3 at 5:30 pm

Participant’s NameNumber of Species Seen
Tina Green177
Patrick Comins*174
Andrew Dasinger163
Stefan Martin*152
Charlie Stebbins147
Jeff Fengler143
Milan Bull*141
Aaron Bourque137
Frank Mantlik130
Michele Burnat126
David Alpeter124
James Leone**118
Eli Holton**117
Tony Belejack**103
Jerid O’Connell96
Katrina Stewart96
Chandler Wiegand93
Gail Martino92
Jim Arrigoni*85
Angela Dimmitt85
John Kennedy82
Joe Attwater*80
Elizabeth O’Connor76
Anne McNulty76
Karen Gallo73
Melanie Smedley72
Jerilyn Duefrene66
Donna Caporaso65
Chad Seewagen62
Max Comins**59
Judy Richardson59
Joyce Leiz*53
Lisa Tryon51
Gabriel McDonough**50
Larry Crawford49
Christy Hammond48
John & Marilyn Weiss48
Tab Carter46
Brian Williams46
Juliannie Cerda44
Emily Green*44
Kathleen Van Der Aue42
Heather Wussow41
Kate Reamer*39
Emmeline Kaiser36
Aiden Klein**33
Robert Klein33
Anna Galjan*30
Cindy Wright-Jones27
Mark Andersen20
Robin Danzak18
Eric Cowan15






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