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Beyond Birding: Topics & Tools for All Birders Monthly Program Descriptions

Welcome to Beyond Birding!

RTP Estuary Center introduces a new community program designed for seasoned veterans and new birders alike.


Using Equipment
Saturday, March 14, 9 – 11:30
Haley Farm State Park, Groton

Every birder has their tried and tested set of equipment they bring out in the field. Learn what equipment you’ll need and how to use it, just in time for spring birding. We’ll go over how to use binoculars and field guides, what apps you should have on your phone, and how to create an eBird account and species list.



Birding By Ear
Saturday, April 4, 9 – 11:30
Canfield Meadow Woods Preserve, Essex

As spring approaches and the trees begin to leaf out, it becomes more difficult to see birds, and birders must rely more on sound. With mating season approaching, birds are also more vocal as they establish territory. Join us this month to learn how to identify birds by song and call, and how to check against a field guide and phone app.

April program has been canceled

Spring Migrations
Saturday, May  9, 9 – 11:30
Hartmann Park, Lyme

For birders, spring in Connecticut means the migration of dozens of warbler species, among many others. Learn which species will stick around for our Connecticut summer,which are just passing through and how to identify them all! We’ll discuss spring migration, focusing on food sources, migration patterns, and more! This program also coincides with Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Big Day, so come prepared to check of a lot of species early in the day!

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Habitat Loss
Saturday, June 13, 9 – 11:30
Oswegatchie Hills, East Lyme

Habitat loss remains the largest threat to bird species worldwide, and its effects can be seen right here in Connecticut. This month we will discuss how habitat loss affects different species, focusing on forest habitats, and what you can do to help stop habitat destruction and degradation.

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Coastal Habitats
Saturday, July 18, 9 – 11:30
Barn Island Wildlife Management Area, Stonington

Situated along Long Island Sound, Connecticut has miles of important coastal habitat. With rising sea levels and temperatures, these coastal habitats are at risk, as are the numerous bird species that call them home. Learn which species will be most affected and what we can do to help mitigate threats to these important places.

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Shorebird Nesting
Saturday, August 15, 9 – 11:30
Hammonasset Beach State Park, Madison

Hammonassett State Park is one of Connecticut’s most important coastal habitats, with numerous shorebird species that nest along its shores. Join us this month as we look for nesting birds, discuss threats to their survival, and ways you can help increase their chances of success.

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Urban Birding
Saturday, September 12, 9 – 11:30
New London

Urban environments may not seem like great places to go birding, but many species can be found in surprising places. We’ll explore three locations surrounded by development, which have created islands of important habitat for numerous bird species. Learn how birds adapt to urban environments, and which species to expect.

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Fall Migration
Saturday, October 17, 9 – 11:30
Bluff Point State Park

During fall migration many species lose their bright breeding plumage, making it difficult to identify them. Birds are also heading to different parts of the world, with some leaving Connecticut for wintering grounds further south, and others heading down to our coasts to ride out winter. We’ll learn how to identify fall migrants, and discuss the migration patterns of varying Connecticut species.

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Saturday, November 7, 9 – 11:30
Ferry Landing State Park, Old Lyme

Sparrows are one of the most challenging groups of birds to identify, with many species having only slight variations in colors and patterns. Late fall is a great time to spot numerous sparrow species in Connecticut, hidden amongst brush piles. Learn how to identify different sparrows in the field and what habitats to best find them in. With a little practice, sparrow identification can be very rewarding!

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Winter Birding
Saturday, December 19, 9 – 11:30
Harkness Memorial State Park, Waterford

Even when the temperature drops and ice and snow blanket Connecticut’s landscape, birds are still active in winter. Many species can be found exclusively in winter in Connecticut, as our coastal habitat provides relatively more temperate conditions than those further north. For our last month in the series we will look for  birds that can be found in winter and discuss where to find them, as well as the challenges birds face when resources are scarce.

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