Connecticut Audbon Society


Trail to Earth Day #17: Advocate

Express yourself: From left, Chris Cryder of Save the Sound, Senator Blumenthal, Patrick Comins, and Louis Burch of Citizens Campaign for the Environment, at the Plum Island press conference. Photo by Alisha Milardo/Connecticut Audubon.

April 21, 2020 — Speak up. Speak out. Work in concert with others and with conservation organizations like Connecticut Audubon that can amplify your voice.

Writer and climate activist Bill McKibben pointed out recently that if 3 or 4 percent of a population take action individually, it’s not enough to make a difference. But if those same 3 or 4 percent advocate for a cause, it’s often enough to force a change in the system.

Do both, of course, but when Connecticut Audubon or another advocacy organization sends a conservation action alert, speak out!

Express yourself (I bet no one had “Charles Watt and the 103rd Street Band” for today’s song):






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