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2020 Birdathon Leaders

Birdathon 2020 Barred Owl, by Tomas Koeck.

May 28, 2020 — The 2020 Migration Madness Birdathon was designed for everyone, and thanks to the dozens of people who participated and made pledges it was a terrific success!

By the end of the three-day event, 67 birders submitted checklists with a total of 199 species, a tick behind last year’s total of 207.

Thank you for participating and thank your for being so generous.

It’s not too late to make a contribution: You can help conservation in Connecticut by making a donation here.

The final tally is below. Connecticut Audubon staff members, who are not eligible for prizes, are in italics. Prizes will be announced Monday evening, June 1:

Participant’s NameNumber of Species Seen
Tina Green175
Matthew Bell

Eli Holton144
Stefan Martin

Frank Mantlik 113
Andy Rzeznikiewicz

Andrew Dasinger108
Aaron Bourque106

Patrick Comins

Milan Bull
Angela Dimmitt90
Tomas Koeck

Brendan Reilly80
John Flavin80
Kevin Thompson80
Cynthia Ehlinger69
Tom Andersen

Emily Keating65
Deirdra Wallin

Avery Cotton62

Jim Arrigoni

John Kennedy59
Anne McNulty57
Liz Skinski53
Liz Jaffin53

Chandler Wiegand

Kathy Gentes53
Kelly Siranko50
Anne McNulty
Kate Drumm49
Justin McDonough47

Bridget Cervero


Jerid O’Connell

Dana Laird43
Kristina Scully40
Amanda Baker40
Jane Larsen40
Nar Scaia39
Bob Slack39
Julie Trowbridge36
Christina Cole35
Jennifer Forrest34
Michael Aurelia
Lisa Tryon32
Ann Gault Galjan31
Tina Abell31
Joyce Leiz30
Jillian Mahar
Ann Rowan30
Marilyn Anderson29
Lindsay Vigue28
Charlotte Stoeckle28
Tommy McCarthy28
Robert Gault26
Karen Anahory23
Stephanie Zoltewicz23
Cindy Cassell22
Joe Attwater
D’Arcy Jeffery18
Helen Adams16
Lauren Lyons16
Julianne Cerda16
Joseph Fauver11
Robert Klein9
Sarah Duso8
Cheryle Elliot4
Stacey Durrell3

To all the birders and all those who made pledges and donations, a big “Thank You!” Your efforts and your donations will help support bird conservation work and trail maintenance throughout the state!

And a sincere thank you to the three Migration Madness sponsors: Oak Lawn Cemetery and Arboretum, Aquarion Water Company, and Keith Mueller Bird Carvings!








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