Connecticut Audbon Society


Facetiming Bird Migration

Kaitlyn McGrath of NBC CT has Connecticut Audubon’s website open on her laptop as she reporters from home.

May 5, 2020 — In the changed world brought about by coronavirus, TV journalists avoid the studio and in-person interviews, and instead work from home using whatever device is at hand.

NBC CT meteorologist Kaitlyn McGrath Facetimed Executive Director Patrick Comins last week to talk about threats to Connecticut’s birds, about visiting Connecticut Audubon’s sanctuaries, and about spring migration:

The next few weeks are very active for our state when it comes to birds returning to Connecticut. However, we have seen some significant changes in migration due to climate change.

“Late April, early May – the first three weeks of May really the most exciting time of year for bird migration in Connecticut,” said Patrick Comins, Executive Director of the Connecticut Audubon Society. “Not only is there numbers and variety of birds they’re also in their top breeding plumage…”

The result was this story, which aired last evening.






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