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One Bird, One Place #3

July 24, 2020 — Each Friday experts from Connecticut Audubon’s staff and boards make one suggestion for where to see one interesting bird in one specific place — “One Bird, One Place.”

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Winter Wren

Try Boston Hollow in Ashford to hear the bouncing, musical song of these bundles of energy. They act almost more like mice than birds.

Suggested by Matt Bell
Wood Duck

Roy and Margot Larsen Wildlife Sanctuary, Fairfield. Broods of young Wood Duck are now visible at Farm Pond and Wildlife Pond. The ducklings are about half grown and best seen when most active in the early mornings.


Suggested by Milan Bull

Black Vulture © C.S. Wood

They roost on the tower next to the I-95 bridge across the Connecticut River in Old Lyme (but never on the Old Saybrook side!). There’s a micro-park under the tower with a commanding view of the estuary. You can see what the vultures Turkey Vultures too) have been eating and dropping.Suggested by Jim Arrigoni

This week’s contributors

Matt Bell is EcoTravel Sales and Marketing Manager and leads Day Trips and Overnight Tours.

Jim Arrigoni is a conservation biologist at Deer Pond Farm and the Roger Tory Peterson Estuary Center.

Milan Bull is Connecticut Audubon’s Senior Director of Science and Conservation.






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