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One Bird, One Place #4

July 31, 2020 — Each Friday Connecticut Audubon experts make one suggestion for where to see one interesting bird in one specific place — “One Bird, One Place.”

Have a great weekend of bird-finding!

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 Look for the large flocks in the big uncut fields behind our Center at Pomfret. Over 100 or more for the next month or so. They’re in the process of molting into winter plumage.

Suggested by Andy Rzeznikiewicz

Clapper Rail

Sandy Point, New Haven. Watch carefully and you might see these elusive marsh birds creeping slowly out from the vegetation to feed in the mud flats. Or, listen for their signature short series of clacking or grunting notes.

Suggested by Allison Black

Boat-tailed Grackles

The best place to find them in CT: Stratford Great Meadows Unit of the Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge at the end of Long Beach Boulevard, Stratford.  It helps you find them if you recognize their calls.


Suggested by Patrick Comins

Barn Swallow

Nesting on the Center at Pomfret building and maintenance barn. The second batch of babies are being fed now. Look around the center, particularly on the center roof in the early mornings. They’re easily observed hunting over the fields of the sanctuary. Note the long forked tails.

Suggested by Andy Rzeznikiewicz

This week’s contributors

Andy Rzeznikiewicz is Connecticut Audubon’s sanctuary manager, based in Pomfret.

Allison Black is outreach administrator at our Roger Tory Peterson Estuary Center in Old Lyme, and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Ornithological Association.

Patrick Comins is executive director of the Connecticut Audubon Society.






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