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One Bird, One Place #5

August 14, 2020 — Each Friday experts from Connecticut Audubon’s staff and boards make one suggestion for where to see one interesting bird in one specific place — “One Bird, One Place.”

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American Oystercatcher

Adults, fledglings, and migrants are now found almost anywhere along our rocky coast and sandy points. Check out our Coastal Center at Milford Point for some great views off the sand bars. Amazing birds!

Suggested by Milan Bull
Tree Swallow (by Sandee Harraden)

Birds are beginning to gather in preparation for migration, especially along the coast. Check open areas with marshland and bayberry. Flocking birds will rest on phone and electric wires along with other species of swallow.


Suggested by Andy Griswold
White-rumped Sandpiper (by Patrick Comins)Milford Point. Check the expanding flats on the south side of the sandbar about tqo hours after high tide. In flight their white rump stands out, even in a large flock of Semipalmated Sandpiperss, as does their high pitched insect-like call. This adult White-rumped Sandpiper pictured was an early migrant at Milford Point and is transitioning from brighter breeding plumage to gray non-breeding plumage.Suggested by Patrick Comins

This week’s contributors

Milan Bull is Connecticut Audubon’s Senior Director of Science and Conservation.

Patrick Comins is executive director of the Connecticut Audubon Society.

Andy Griswold is director of Connecticut Audubon’s EcoTravel program. Join the Connecticut Audubon Society EcoTravel cruise September 20 on the Connecticut River to see the evening display by over 500,000 Tree Swallows coming to roost. Reserve online or call 860-767-0660.






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