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Air Quality at Home, a Zoom presentation, Friday, September 18

Friday, September 18

Covid-19 has increased our awareness of airborne viruses and germs, and underscored the imperatives of clean air in the spaces we inhabit. While many of us are spending more time living, working and learning remotely, it’s also a good time to consider the quality of the air in our home environment.

In this webinar, led by Amanda DeLorme of Enviropro Cleaners, find out how air quality is defined, tested and improved. Learn about the effects of air fresheners, carpeting and upholstery, as well as mold and Radon. Hear why some people are affected by common home allergens, while others are not.

Click here to register and for Zoom link. While we are offering this program for free, please consider a suggested donation of $10.







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