Connecticut Audbon Society



Backyard Bird Feeding, a Zoom presentation, Friday, September 11

Friday, September 11
Noon – 1 p.m.
Zoom Presentation

Join Connecticut Audubon’s Teacher/Naturalist Tricia Kevalis and learn the basics of backyard birding including how to identify backyard birds by​ sight and sound, who is at the feeder and what their feeding habits are.​

Also discussed will be bird characteristics, ways to attract birds​ to your feeder, what bird feeders and seed to use, and​ where to place feeders for bird safety and best viewing.​ Samples of bird feeders and different varieties of bird​ seed will be shown that will help create a bird-friendly sanctuary in​ your yard.

Click here to register and for Zoom link.

This program is for adults. While we are offering this program for free, please consider a suggested donation of $10.







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