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Meet the Bees, a Zoom presentation, Monday, September 21

Monday, September 21
Peek inside a real, buzzing honey beehive while experiencing a day in the life of a beekeeper in this unique, online workshop. This interactive Zoom program will allow you to briefly “escape” your house, apartment or desk to see what a typical beehive inspection looks like. You’ll be able to view and hear thousands of these little ladies hard at work – their community spirit and resilience is simply inspiring! And if you get extra lucky, you’ll meet the one and only, Her Majesty, the Queen Bee.
Click here to register and for Zoom link. While we are offering this program for free, please consider a suggested donation of $10.
This workshop for adults is presented by Shelby Schulman, New York Beekeeping Team Manager for Alveole, an urban beekeeping company.






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