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First up on Young, Gifted, and Wild About Birds — #BlackBirdersWeek: The hashtag that started a movement

December 7, 2020 — The Young, Gifted, and Wild About Birds series on Zoom starts next week with “#BlackBirdersWeek: The hashtag that started a movement,” featuring co-founder Deja Perkins.

When a Black bird watcher in Central Park was threatened last spring by a dog walker who called the police on him, it alarmed the community of Black birders throughout the country, who quickly mobilized to start #BlackBirdersWeek. It highlighted the presence of the Black outdoor enthusiast community at large, and drew attention to the hazards and experiences of Black birders all over the world.

In her presentation, Deja Perkins will talk about the origins of #BlackBirdersWeek, and how inclusive practices are important for recreation and preventing racial and spatial biases in the collection of bird data.

Thursday, December 17, 7 p.m.
$8 for members.
$10 for non-members.

Don’t miss Deja Perkins on #BlackBirdersWeek. Click here!

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