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The Alcids of Connecticut: Tuesday Webinar

Thick-billed Murres

December 6, 2020 — Dovekies, murres, guillemots, puffins, razorbills — these are the Alcids of Connecticut. Some are rare. When they are here, they can be hard to observe, given their preference for the sea.

But they’re fascinating and worth learning about. They are the subject of the Roger Tory Peterson Estuary Center’s Zoom webinar this week — 7 p.m., Tuesday, December 8.

Diving off Connecticut’s shores, often out of sight with even a good pair of binoculars, Alcids aren’t a group of birds that many people are familiar with. These fascinating species have incredible adaptations for their lifestyle and reward any intrepid birders willing to go a little further to see them.

In this webinar, teacher naturalist Joe Attwater will discuss:

  • Adaptations of Alcids
  • Alcid species of CT
  • Conservation of Alcid species

We’re offering the program for free, but we ask that you consider a donation of $10

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