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The Osprey nest and Osprey Cam at Milford Point were destroyed in the recent storm. Please contribute to so they can be replaced!

Osprey mom with her two babies

Photo by Mark Yuknat.

February 9, 2021 — When last week’s big snowstorm ended and visibility improved, it was clear that Milford Point’s Ospreys would be in trouble.
Their nest platform was gone.
The winds and the water whipping through the marsh had battered it down, platform and pole. The Milford Point Osprey Cam and the solar panel that powers it were lost too.
The Ospreys will be returning to nest in six weeks. For two decades they’ve raised their babies on a platform in the marsh. Year in, year out they’ve been one of the Coastal Center’s main attractions, in person or via the Osprey Cam.
Everything needs to be replaced — quickly — and you can help. Please make a donation to help provide a nesting place for Milford Point’s Ospreys.
Donate here to help put up a new Osprey nest platform!


The French Foundation has generously donated the pole and the platform. But raising the pole, the platform, and the equipment is tricky.

The location is on a mucky island across a tidal strait from the Coastal Center building. The tide and the wind have to be right, and the labor has to be skilled.

The goal is to raise at least $6,000 to cover the costs.

Your contribution will go directly toward helping the Ospreys nest in their usual, secure place.

It will also help ensure that the Osprey Cam — an educational experience and a source of joy for thousands each summer — is online as soon as possible.






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