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25th Anniversary Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to those that submitted photographs to the Coastal Center’s 25th Anniversary Photo Contest.  After careful review of the submitted entries, we have the pleasure of announcing the winners of each category.

We wish to thank Milford Photo for their partnership in the contest, providing the prizes for the winners and for the judging process.



Matthew Collen – submission 3

photo by Matthew Collen










1st Prize – Scott Burton, Submission 1

photo by Scott Burton











2nd Prize – Michael Lello, Submission 3

photo by Michael Lello









3rd Prize – Sandy Schill, Submission 5

photo by Sandy Schill













1st Prize – Kara-Lynn Flockhart, Submission 1

photo by Kara-Lynn Flockhart





















2nd Prize – Beth Malarkey Maroney, Submission 3

photo by Beth Malarkey Maroney











3rd Prize – Gretchen Hayden, Submission 1

photo by Gretchen Hayden











1st Prize – Mathew Collen, Submission 4

photo by Matthew Collen










2nd Prize – Sandy Schill, Submission 1

photo by Sandy Schill









3rd Prize – Song Teoh, Submission 1

photo by Song Teoh









1st Prize – Lily Flockhart, Submission 2

photo by Lily Flockhart



















2nd Prize – Keren Tan, Submission 1

photo by Keren Tan










3rd Prize – Lily Flockhart, Submission 1

photo by Lily Flockhart




















Many thanks to photo contest judge Elisa Deely of Milford Photo
Elisa is a Connecticut-based photographer who received a BFA in photography from the University of Hartford in 2019. Typically, her images are shot on location and taken with a 6×6 or 4×5 camera. Her work focuses on domestic and mundane spaces. She is currently working as a Photo Editor and Fine Art Printer at Milford Photo.








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