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Purple Martin count: 122 eggs, 64 chicks, squirming and growing on schedule

In the sanctuaries …

June 28, 2021 — The Purple Martin colony at the Milford Point Coastal Center is thriving this summer — and the babies are squirming and growing, as you can see in the video, taken by Gilles Carter.

The number of nests in the 71 gourds has increased by 19% over last year — 44 nests, compared to 37.

Each week a team of volunteers and staff checks the nests, records the data, and sends a report to the 28 people who have “adopted” a gourd. Here’s the key paragraph from Friday’s report, by Coastal Center board member Frank Mantlik:

“There were definitely a lot of Martins around. [We] made a maximum count of 30 adults at one time. Many were bringing food (dragonflies, etc.) in for their young.

“Of the 71 gourds, 44 have active nests with eggs, chicks, or both. Some of the chicks have grown a lot in one week.

“The total number of eggs was 122 and the total number of chicks was 64.

“Some eggs or chicks may be obscured in the nest, but we strive to get as accurate a count as possible. Nesting is in full swing. Still, 25 gourds have no activity.”

There are still 16 active nests/gourds that no one has adopted. By adopting a gourd you will be directly helping with maintenance and equipment, and with paying for the trained staff that works with the volunteers.

The contribution to adopt a gourd is $60. It’s one of the many ways that you can be involved directly in Connecticut Audubon’s bird conservation work. Click this blue button and please consider become a Purple Martin gourd adopted!

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