Connecticut Audbon Society

125th Anniversary

Who’s Who on the RTPEC Board of Directors 

Claudia Weicker, Chair of the RTPEC, resides in Old Lyme and had a career in government, including as staff director of the U.S. Senate Appropriations Subcommittee responsible for Federal education, health, health research and labor funding. As Connecticut’s first lady she made education one of her priorities and has served on national and local non-profit boards. 

John Griffin, Vice Chair, is an Old Lyme resident who spent 25 years as President of global magazine publishing companies including Rodale Press and National Geographic.  He also serves on the Board of Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership and the Coldwater Conservation Fund.

Patsy McCook, Board Secretary, is a longtime resident of Old Lyme now residing in Essex, was a writer-editor for health and environmental organizations including the Population Council, CARE, the International Rescue Committee, the Rainforest Alliance, and Carnegie Corporation of New York.  She co-chairs the Environmental Committee of the First Congregational Church of Old Lyme and was a founding member of the Sustainable Old Lyme Committee. 

Robert Dryfoos is a recent arrival to the area who for over 50 years worked with IBM as a software architect.  A resident of Essex, Bob has been involved with environmental and conservation groups for many years with a focus on financials and collaboration between like-minded organizations.

John Forbis, former consultant and Partner with McKinsey and Co and a Director with Arthur D. Little, has had a career focused on strategic planning and corporate development.   He was also a corporate officer with Eaton Corporation, Campbell Soup Company, Kellogg Company, and Canon Inc. Since retiring he has assisted local organizations including Estuary Transit District and the Town of Old Lyme.

Robert Hernandez, of Essex is a protégé of Roger Tory Peterson. He has had more than a three decade-long career at the National Geographic Society (NGS) where he served in numerous executive capacities, including photographic editor, senior editor of the National Geographic magazine, head of Strategic Planning, and later as Senior Vice President, founder and head of the Society’s International Division. He was also heavily involved in its research, educational, and conservation initiatives, serving on the boards of NGS’s Conservation Foundation and its Exploration Trust. More recently he completed his career at the Walt Disney Co. where he headed Disney Magazine Publishing Worldwide Inc.

Barbara Kamicker of East Lyme is a Ph.D. microbiologist with R&D experience in antibiotics, vaccines, and diagnostics.  She enjoys the natural world by birding, hiking, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, and exploring national parks and other natural areas.

Alison McCall resides in Lyme. With a strong interest in environmental issues and our unique Connecticut River Estuary, she joined the RTPEC Board in 2016. A retired residential designer from NYC and locally, she served five years on the Board of the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts.

Lisa McGinley of New London is a veteran New England journalist, editorial writer and columnist with deep roots in Connecticut and its Eastern shoreline.  A believer in the power of non-profit organizations working together, she was one of the first to chair the Southeastern Connecticut Cultural Coalition.  She currently serves as President of the Board of Trustees of the Lyman Allyn Art Museum of New London.

Catherine Millard resides in Essex and has 30 years’ experience on Wall Street, including as Director of High Yield Research for Goldman Sachs. Kate is a founder and member of the Board of the Harbor Island Trade School in the Bahamas.

Geoff Paul A native of Essex, Geoffrey grew up with a passion for the history and unique ecology of the lower Connecticut River Valley. Together with his brothers, Geoff owns the Griswold Inn in Essex along with other historic properties in the village. He has extensive renovation experience of historic buildings. Additionally, through his establishment of the Paul Foundation in 1994, other historic sites and open spaces have been preserved including the Sunset Pond property in Essex. Geoffrey has worked in finance for more than 40 years and is currently Managing Director of the Paul Group/Morgan Stanley in Beverly Hills, California. 

Dennis Powers is an Essex resident and retired equity partner, corporate executive, and management consultant.   He is an avid Sailor who serves on many boards. He is chair of the RTPEC Finance Committee. 

Nell Twining retired from a career as an architect whose work includes educational, research lab, commercial, residential and historic restoration projects.  She has served on several non-profit and community boards including 20 years on the Historic Preservation Board for the City of Yonkers.  When she isn’t volunteering for the RTPEC, you can find her pulling invasive species and restoring habitat at the Twining family home on the banks of the Lieutenant River.

Ralph Wood who lives in Stonington has had a career in industrial R&D and enterprise productivity consulting.  He is a volunteer to several non-profits, an environmentalist, business owner, teacher/mentor and bicyclist.  Chairman Emeritus of the Connecticut Audubon Society and board member of the RTPEC, Ralph is co-owner and an editor of Estuary Magazine and a member of the designation steering committee of Connecticut’s National Estuarine Research Reserve.

Alisha Milardo, Director of the RTPEC, oversees the operations of the organization and is now spearheading the strategic transformation and growth of RTPEC. She has led innovative initiatives to build top-performing programs and teams with strength-based management and staying power. Previously as vice president of an environmental education organization she led the business advancement for 19 years. Alisha holds a BS from Hawaii Pacific University. She has served on several Boards of Directors including the CT Early Childhood Collaborative and School Readiness Council. She has a contagious enthusiasm and passionate belief in the team at RTPEC and leads to inspire each day.






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