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125th Anniversary

Lights Out Alert for May 6, 7, and 8! 

May 6, 2023 — Nighttime migration is increasing over Connecticut the next few nights. An estimated 250,000 birds will migrate through Connecticut’s skies Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights.

The three nights are predicted to be the biggest of the 2023 spring migration so far, and are considered to be of medium intensity. Bigger nights are likely over the next couple of weeks, but even medium nights are important.

Help keep these birds safe by turning off your outside lights tonight and drawing your blinds.

Why is it important? As migrating birds pass over brightly lit cities, skyglow drowns out the stars, confusing them and luring them into urban areas. Once trapped in the windowed maze of the city, birds either hit buildings directly or circle them until they collapse from exhaustion.

Lights Out Connecticut is an effort to help prevent birds from being distracted by artificial light in our state:

You can larn more about Connecticut Audubon’s role in the Lights Out Coalition here.

Sign up for Lights Out alerts via text.






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