Connecticut Audbon Society

125th Anniversary

Lights Out Alert tonight, which means it’s likely that many, many birds will be landing here in the morning

May 20, 2023 — Yet another big bird migration night tonight — half a million, give or take. So please turn out your lights. All the reasons for doing so are in the previous Lights Out posts.

But half a million birds is also a good reason to make one late push for Connecticut Audubon’s 2023 Migration Madness Birdathon.

The final day is tomorrow, Sunday, May 21. The weather forecast is almost perfect. And based on the migration prediction, the bird forecast is great too.

If 500,000 birds are migrating over Connecticut tonight, a LOT of them will be landing in the state in the morning.

Go out and look for them. You’re helping conservation in Connecticut by turning out your lights. Take the next step and participate in the Birdathon. It’s a fundrraiser for bird conservation in the state, and you can do your part by signing up or making a pledge.

The Migration Madness registration form is HERE. The cost is only $10.

The Migration Madness page with details about prizes and rules is HERE.

Thank you!






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