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Lights Out Alerts 2024

Cedar Waxwing, courtesy of Patrick J. Lynch.

April 26, 2024—Billions of birds die each year from collisions with buildings. In a country where 30% of the bird population has been lost in recent decades, it’s a serious problem. Migrating birds – confused by city lights at night – are especially vulnerable. But there are a few simple and effective things you can do to help.

  1. Sign up for Lights Out Alerts: We’ll refer to the forecasts generated by the Colorado State University’s AeroEco Lab to let you know when large numbers of birds will be flying over Connecticut. On those nights, please turn off your non-essential outdoor lights from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. Sign up HERE to receive Lights Out alerts via text.
  2. Turn out your lights during peak migration: Even without alerts, it helps to dim the lights during these crucial periods:
    • Now through May 31st
    • August 15th through November 15th
  3. Report dead birds: If you find a dead bird, please report it on the iNaturalist app or to the Yale Peabody Museum. This helps scientists track the impact of light pollution.

Your actions matter! Studies show that turning out lights can drastically reduce bird deaths. By turning out your lights, you’re directly protecting the birds that migrate through the state.

Connecticut Audubon is part of the Lights Out Connecticut coalition, and we worked with it to play a key role in passing a new state law last year to protect migrating birds. We’ll let you know about upcoming opportunities to advocate for even stronger policies.

For more information and to take the Lights Out pledge, visit

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