Connecticut Audbon Society

Family Ecology Day Descriptions

All four sessions – Register here


Butterflies/Insects – July 6 – Register here

Shrink down to the size of a bug as we embark on an exciting insect expedition! Explore the fascinating world of creepy crawlies, from buzzing bees to graceful butterflies on our sanctuary. Participate in an insect hunt and learn about our Monarch program.


Wildlife – July 13 – Register here

Explore our sanctuary for signs of wildlife and maybe even view what’s on our wildlife cam. Learn how to use field guides and the SEEK app to identify what you find! Then learn how to conduct a biodiversity study and help us catalogue what we find.


Macroinvertebrates – Aug 10 – Register here

Join us for a fascinating look at the world of macroinvertebrates! Using microscopes, participants will learn to identify various species and understand their vital role in our ecosystem. Then construct your own macroinvertebrate and see if you can make it float!


All About Birds – Aug 17 – Register here
Discover the enchanting world of birds! Go birding around our sanctuary and learn about bird nests, eggs and feathers! RTP Estuary Center bird guide included!






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