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Citizen Science/Osprey Nation

‘Citizen Science’ refers to the cooperation between scientists and nonscientists in collecting data, monitoring animal populations, participating in bird counts, and doing many other types of scientific work aimed at contributing to knowledge and addressing conservation and environmental issues. Our 2010 Connecticut State of the Birds report celebrates the accomplishments and contributions of Citizen Scientists, discusses successful Citizen Science projects, and lists many opportunities with governmental and non-profit organizations.

Connecticut Audubon Society trains and works with Citizen Scientists on many projects based in our Centers. Some of our current projects are:

Osprey Nation

      How to Help


At the Center at Pomfret:

  • Rapid Bioassessment Training for Volunteers
  • Mammal Monitoring
  • Vernal Pool Inventory
  • Canterbury Grassland Habitat Survey
  • StreamWalk Project
  • Bird-banding (resident and breeding birds during spring and summer)
  • Northern Saw-whet Owl banding
    Birdcraft bird banding station citizen science

    Volunteers help federally licensed bird banders catch and band migratory song birds at the Birdcraft Museum and Sanctuary


At the Center at Fairfield:

At the Birdcraft Museum:

  • Bird-banding Station (migratory birds during spring and fall)

At the Coastal Center at Milford Point:

  • Bird-banding Station (migratory birds during spring and fall)
  • Monitoring and banding of migratory shorebirds (with DEP Wildlife Division)
  • Monitoring American Black Ducks (with DEP Wildlife Division)
  • Monitoring nesting Piping Plovers and Least Terns (with US Fish & Wildlife Service and DEP Wildlife Division)
  • Monitoring and tagging Horseshoe Crabs (with Project Limulus/Sacred Heart University)

Throughout Connecticut:

  • Croft winterim forman school students manage habitat

    Students from the Forman School in Litchfield help remove young trees from a habitat management area in our Richard G. Croft Memorial preserve in Goshen

    Habitat-specific Field Surveys and Monitoring Studies

  • Citizen Science-based bird surveys such as Christmas Bird Counts, Breeding Bird Surveys, etc.
  • Sanctuary-related habitat improvement and monitoring
  • compilation and digitization of historic bird records

We encourage you to become a Citizen Scientist and help us contribute to preserving birds and their environments in Connecticut. Please contact our Centers for more information.

Help us protect our birds: report your sightings here! We will gladly add you to our email list if you do!




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