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Lecturer Enlightens Audience of 130 about Hidden Lives of Snowy Owls

Sunday, February 1st, 2015
View from the Milford City Hall balcony during The Hidden Lives of the Snowy Owl. Connecticut Audubon Society photo.

View from the Milford City Hall balcony during The Hidden Lives of the Snowy Owl. Connecticut Audubon Society photo.

Before last winter, the common wisdom was that the Snowy Owls that occasionally left their Arctic breeding grounds to winter further south did so because they were desperate for food and arrived in our area exhausted and starving.

But according to Don Crockett, who develops the interactive Snowy Owl maps for Project SNOWStorm, that common wisdom might not be true.

Addressing an audience of more than 130 people during a presentation Sunday organized by Connecticut Audubon Society, Crockett said that data collected last winter from birds fitted with tracking devices show that wintering Snowy Owls are probably neither exhausted nor hungry.

In his talk, titled “The Hidden Lives of the Snowy Owl,” Crockett said that an unprecedented number of Snowies spent the winter of 2013-14 in New England and across the midwest.

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Your Annual Gift Supports Osprey Nation

Friday, August 15th, 2014
Ospreys on their nest platform at Milford Point. Photo by Sherri Delaney.

Ospreys on their nest platform at Milford Point. Photo by Sherri Delaney.

Dear Friends,

I write you today on behalf of our state’s Osprey population.

Over the years, residents of Connecticut have been awestruck by the grace of these majestic raptors. The beautiful black and white Ospreys, which nest along our shorelines and catch fish in our waterways, are one of the state’s most iconic birds. This year, we partnered with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to launch Osprey Nation, a program that supports essential Osprey research and manages a newly formed citizen-science project to locate and monitor nests across the state.

In its inaugural year, Osprey Nation supported the radio-tracking of three Ospreys at the mouth of the Connecticut River; and brought 160 volunteers together to monitor more than 350 osprey nests across the state. Years ago, this picture would have been gravely different.

Widespread use of pesticides, particularly DDT which caused the thinning of egg shells and made incubation impossible, brought the population of Ospreys crashing down in the 1960s. By 1970 there were fewer than 10 nests in the state, and it wasn’t until a decade after the ban of DDT in 1972 that Ospreys began to make a comeback.

The Osprey population is now strong, but we need your help to ensure that it remains so. At Connecticut Audubon Society we are working diligently with our team of stewards to keep track of Osprey nests, for not only do we revere the beauty of these birds, but their health is a harbinger of ours. Through them we will be attuned to future environmental threats and human health hazards.

Osprey Nation is a critical project, and almost entirely donor and volunteer supported. Our goal for 2015 is to increase the number of nests we monitor to 450.

To ensure that we have the funds necessary for this project, please consider making a gift today. Every dollar donated stays in Connecticut, ensuring the ecological health of our state for future generations.

Together, we can continue to be stewards and advocates for these beautiful birds, and help ensure that the wild denizens of our state will have our support as their needs arise.

I hope we have your support – we cannot do this without your help. Please click here to make a donation.


Alexander R. Brash

Last Chance to Sign Up for 2 Roads Brewery’s Shore-2-Pour Beach Race!

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Join Two Roads Brewery and the Connecticut Audubon Society for a Three-Mile Beach Run!

Sunday, August 24, 2014 @ 10 a.m. – Short Beach, Stratford
A portion of the proceeds will benefit bird habitat improvements at Stratford Point.

The more runners who sign up, the more we get to keep Stratford Point beautiful, so REGISTER TODAY!



Sunday, September 29th, 2013
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