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Welcome to Bird Finder, our guide to interesting birds you might be able to find now in Connecticut!

Some of the best birders in the state generously share their expertise here. Patrick Comins, Milan Bull, and Andy Griswold from our own staff. Corrie Folsom-O’Keefe and Genevieve Nuttall from Audubon Connecticut. Greg Hanisek, Stefan Martin, Helena Ives, Chris Wood, Nick Bonomo – a great roster of contributors. Our hope is that Bird Finder will inspire you to go out and find the birds they write about!

Greater White-fronted Goose

December 8, 2018 Greater White-fronted Goose Anser albifrons by Nick Bonomo Don’t drive by that corn field full of Canada Geese without looking for this needle in a haystack! What it looks like: The size and shape of your standard goose, perhaps a bit smaller than the average Canada Goose. Adults are rather obvious. The […]


Peregrine Falcon

December 6, 2018 – Look for a darkly-colored raptor zipping through the air or perched high on a ledge. They have a grayish-blue back and black barring on the white underside. Their eyes are pronounced, outlined by a bright yellow ring, and the highly curved bill helps them tear at their food.


King Eider

November 20, 2018 – All birders, and now some non-birders after the arrival of the escaped Mandarin Duck in New York City, know that there are some seriously amazing plumages among duck species, among them the King Eider. One was found in near-shore waters of Long Island Sound off Waterford just a few days ago.


Red-breasted Nuthatch

November 15, 2018 – By now, most of us have noticed a particular trend this season with the arrivals of certain ‘irruptive’ winter species highlighted in the 2018-2019 Winter Finch Forecast.


Wood Duck

November 8, 2018 – Once the temperatures begin to drop, the fall migration is just about over, and the bird diversity in woods drops significantly, there’s nothing quite like catching a glimpse of a beautifully marked Wood Duck passively floating on an otherwise vacant pond.





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