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In Opposition to Offshore Oil Drilling

“The plan would put the thousands of sea and coastal birds at risk including the hundreds of nesting Ospreys which are totally dependent on the migrant fish population in Long Island Sound.” The Connecticut Audubon Society has joined scores of other organizations in opposing the Trump Administration’s plan to expand offshore oil drilling. Here are […]


Beauty for Beauty’s Sake: Richard Prum Delivers Spring Lecture to Connecticut Audubon Members & Others

by Liz Acas, for the Connecticut Audubon Society March 8, 2018 – Richard O. Prum is an esteemed scientist, the winner of a MacArthur Foundation “genius” grant, and the author of a New York Times pick for best book of 2017. But, importantly, executive director Patrick M. Comins told the audience at Connecticut Audubon’s sold-out […]


News Release: Osprey Nation Reaches Conservation Milestone

February 19, 2018 – For years conservationists have known that the population of Ospreys in Connecticut is large and thriving. But for the first time now, they know where almost all of the Osprey nests in the state are located and that there are probably very few unknown nests to be found. That’s a key […]


Mabel Osgood Wright and the History of Birdcraft & the Connecticut Audubon Society

The Connecticut history magazine Connecticut Explored featured Birdcraft and Mabel Osgood Wright in its Winter 2018 issue. Read it here. The following article was published first in The Connecticut Warbler, the journal of the Connecticut Ornithological Association. We are republishing it here on January 28, 2018, the 159th anniversary of Mabel’s birth! by Kathy Van […]


Major Federal Grant Will Help Continue the Restoration of the Smith Richardson Preserve in Westport

January 8, 2018 – The transformation of 36 weed-choked acres in Westport into a thriving sanctuary for birds, pollinators, and native plants took a major step forward recently when the Connecticut Audubon Society was awarded a $145,780 grant from the federal government. The funding is earmarked for a section of the H. Smith Richardson Wildlife […]





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